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A school bully whom will one day take his anger out on his future spouse and offspring.
That punk is such a bully that he is cosidered to be a Future wife Beater. Wait until his anger turns on his spouse,he'll use her 'and his kids as a punching bag,instead of his classmates.
by RTBSTRD November 5, 2013
Wal Mart,a retail store known for hoards of screaming kids.
You better get your earplugs, I have to go Squall Mart, I mean Wal Mart today for some shirts.
by RTBSTRD November 4, 2013
An obnoxious, hyperkinetic, or hyperactive toddler or grade school age kid,who is found running around and/or screaming at places like "Wally World" or Crapdonalds.
This is a library!! Not a playground or a Chuck E Cheese, so keep that Snotmuncher quiet!!
by RTBSTRD November 3, 2013
Stuck Up middle or high school cheerleader,especially one with loose morals.
Since athletes and cheerleaders are the first ones to "Pair Off", they usually wind up spitting out kids before any of their classmates. Their "firstborn" is usually conceived on the night of the prom, as their classmates point to her and say:"That's a Future Welfare Mom In Training"!
by RTBSTRD November 2, 2013
A practical punishment for school bullying and mean girl type behavior.If a student engages in any type of bullying behavior.Their names are put on a list,and if their name comes up,when the prom ticket is purchased,the couple will be denied addmission to the big dance. A prime example was the in the movie Carrie.When the girls gym teacher told the mean girls whom were bullying Carrie,"Your Prom Bids Will Not Be Accepted". This is often a great detterent to stop bullying,when something of value, is taken away from the little hooligans.
Two of the girls on the cheer squad were told that their prom bids would not be accepted,if they kept picking on the new girl in school. Those two will soon be on the "Prom Night Shit List".
by RTBSTRD November 5, 2013
A Ford Econoline based handi-Van used for transporting devolopmentally disabled children to their school.
He is the dumbest kid in school,so he be taking the Geek Bus in the morning,not the regular school bus.
by RTBSTRD November 3, 2013
Going To Scum Mart and seeing all of the Fat Female Shoppers, or any place where fat obese women congregate in great numbers.
Do we have to go shopping at Wal Mart again? It's nothing but a Bovine Fest in that store.
by RTBSTRD January 12, 2014