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The most kick-ass island in Rhode Island. Everybody knows everybody on it and everyone is very friendly. If you live there year-round are are most likely an alcohol. All the teenagers there love to party, and it is known for just relaxing, chillin, during the day and getting as drunk as possible while have the best time of ur life at night.
Person 1: When are you going to prudence next?
person 2: umm, next weekend, how about you?
person 1: same as you. You ready to party?
person 2: yeah i can't wait, its gunna be fucking insane
by RD March 29, 2006
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Ivar: An engine - made by Welsh Dragons

Makes funny noises - 'shhhhhgerromppp shhhhgerrrommpppp' etc
Why does Ivar have a funny accent - it's because he is Welsh and an steam engine
by RD January 30, 2005
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The act of having sex with somebody of blood relations, which can result in interbred (ie; dumb, ugly, deformed) offspring. Wisbech is such a place where incest is practised.
Pikey Bill: "Incest is real swell! Because of it, my mum is also my aunty!"
by RD October 19, 2003
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A jammy git at footy predicting
'Damn that was lucky - that was more than lucky, it was FreddyCorleone'
by RD January 30, 2005
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- a place where fools thought they could met their soulmates for life (n)
- beyond reality (adj.)
last night i saw someone on friendster, and i'm 100% sure she's the one for me
geez... i'm on friendster too... and so many people asked to be put on my friend's list without bother knowing me in the first place as long as their friends' list keep growing , what the f*ck?
by RD February 26, 2004
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