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peculiar abbreviation for "about".
Mainly used and seen in chatrooms, facebook, ect.
-Quit fucking bwt.

- Is there anyone ere who wants 2 talk bwt what just happened?
by Vagstastic June 28, 2009
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common misspelling for the web slang btw ("By The Way")
Person 1: How are you doing?
Person 2: Fine, thank you.
Person 1: Bwt, i ****ed your sister last night
Person 2: Haha, you spelled btw wrong. But btw, MY SISTER?!
by thomas_b March 23, 2009
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BWT? Is An abbreviation I made And It Means But Why Tho? sure I didn't make the phrase but I saw that the only definition for it on this site was "about" and I get what they mean but I just had to add this so here it is :) Oh and "But Why Tho?" can be used as a meme thing I guess... I've seen memes with the caption Before...
User 1: I Pooped on a carpet today :)
User2: Bwt? *insert thinking emoji here*
User 1: I don't fricken know?! It was a joke...
User2: .-.
User 1: lol
by Benzeel (Youtube) September 23, 2018
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organiser of wild parties. (usually in greenhouses and the like)
If you want to arrange a party, you had better see BWT
by DT October 14, 2003
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