15 definitions by RANDOM DUDE

As used by Neil.See Neil.
It's a scheme we do. Yes and if you could just sort out the colour scheme.
by RANDOM DUDE January 14, 2005
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Simply another classificatin used to support Elitism and other such BS that runs contrary to progress.
by RANDOM DUDE July 13, 2003
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You can get away with murder from taking CN pills- all it costs is some cash and your life.
by RANDOM DUDE December 15, 2004
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Scum of the earth. Like to steal sheds.
Extremely unsheddly. So sad they create their own forum slagging off us shed wenches.
Cooperis a sheeve.
by RANDOM DUDE February 1, 2005
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Something that is good and well liked by the shed. e.g Not cooper.
Sheeves are not very sheddly.
In fact they're unsheddly.
by RANDOM DUDE February 1, 2005
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1) A little scope u look into to see a variety of swirling colours.

2) LSD and stoner vision.
If you can't afford a kaleidoscope- smoke some weed and you;ll enjoying it all night long.
by RANDOM DUDE November 22, 2004
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A Light Blue Peugeot 206 driven by the legendary Dec.
It's the decmobile! Look out!
by RANDOM DUDE January 27, 2005
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