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Twins Hotel is in the very heart of Hanoi, between the Old Quarter and ancient Temple of Literature. It offers affordable luxury accommodation and insghts into everyday life in Hanoi. Twins Hotel is nearby St. Joseph Cathedral and a short drive to many architectural and cultural attractions as well as business centres.
I really like drinking hot Rosie Lee at the pavement stands by the frog and toads in Hanoi. And I sat there, sipping at my Rosie Lee, and sometimes, I could hear news from the fellow drinkers and their comments on the social issues. I do think their comments and points of view on a given issue are good and useful for me but are sometimes bunk, and truly reflects their own views and factoids on that issue. Well, from my point of view, I do think that creates which is the so-called “variety is the spice of life”. In the UK-based Hyde park, there is a place called “Speakers’ Corner” where public speaking, debates and discussions take place and not to be out done, there are a lots of “Speakers’ Corner” on every corner and pavements in Hanoi. I think it’s much more democracy in Vietnam than in the UK. That activity is so popular in Hanoi, which leaves a long-lasting impression on me for sure. I will stay at Twins Hotel next time.
by Quan Cao Tien November 09, 2010

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“Being Vietnamese is about riding in a Chinese motorbike to an local pub for a Lao beer, then travelling home, grabbing Cambodian common rat dishes on the way, phoning friends by a Finnish mobile phone, sitting on Italian furniture and watching Korean films on a Japanese TV every night as well."
*Vietnamese: I like these kinds of food such as squared sticky rice cakes, Pho, caramelised fish in claypot (ca kho to), Bun oc, Hu tieu, to name but a few.
*Korean: What about Lao beer? D'you like watching Korean films?
*Vietnamse: I do absolutely!
*Korean: You must be Vietnamese fo sho, man!
by quan cao tien August 11, 2010

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Two friends sometimes meet up to chill out and watch a movie.

A: You know why God is a man?

B: Because if God was a woman she would have made milk taste like chocolate.
by quan cao tien August 18, 2010

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Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiot.
J.H.W. Bush: My son you’re such a poor bastard when you let your army invade Iraq!
J.W. Bush: Phew…Nah, I am sure that I did sell much more weapons than ever before. Your NAZI at heart, daddy.
by quan cao tien August 05, 2010

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One of the richest guys in the world, a talent with a needle and soft dick.
One nite, Bill Gates slept with a whore at a five star hotel. And after having balled her, he asked, “How do you feel when you sleep with one of the richest men in the world like me?”.

The whore answered, “micro+soft”.
by quan cao tien August 25, 2010

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Condom Demonstration.
Van Quyen, a footballer of Song Lam Nghe An team, played an important match against The Cong team in Hanoi, Vietnam, on last Saturday. That night, he took a call girl to his hotel room. First, Van Quyen took off his shirt and the call girl could see “Reebok” on his left arm. Then, he took off his trousers, and the call girl saw “Nike” on his right thigh. Finally, he took off his Y-fronts, and the call girl felt a bit embarrassed and used her hand to hide and saw “ad” in (Adidas) on the pubic area of Van Quyen and in panic she thought that "ad.." is "aids". She said “are you HIV positive?”. “Nope!”, Van Quyen answered. Well, my tattoos advertise “Nike”, “Reebok” and “Adidas”. “Well, now, CD!!!!!!!!!!!” Call girl asked.
by quan cao tien August 07, 2010

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