If god is every thing then he may also be a man or a male squirl
God is a man, I agree
by EliasIsn't Gay October 11, 2020
What you call someone who attracts females without doing anything like that person is a God , but then just plays with them like they are nothing, never truly going after them but still showing serious attraction.Thus showing his devious, Man-like qualities through his otherwise Godliness.
Person 1:Yo you saw who John got she is super fine.How is he not treating her like a queen?
Person 2:Eh, John's a God Man he's gonna flirt with her but in the end he's just gonna lead her on and hurt her.
by theboiwiththesoundcloud February 24, 2018
A blonde haired man, usually tall in stature. Having many talents and appearing God-like to women.
by -shortstack January 26, 2011