121 definition by Pseudonym

The real name of the amazingly talented, beautiful, hilarious bassist of The Used
Found a tomato in me back pocket!
by pseudonym February 12, 2005

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Used to describe a woman who is rather unattractive, except at her center, namely, her ass; an otherwise ugly woman with a good butt.
"Look at that tootsie-pop, man... if only the rest of her matched up with her ass."
by Pseudonym November 10, 2004

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1. Literary porn.
2. Garbage.
I read a romantic novel and whacked off.
by Pseudonym February 16, 2005

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Don't know, never fucking will either.
I want you to be sensitive and brave and caring and tough and have a great body and be an intellectual and give me all your money
by pseudonym April 07, 2004

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West coast slang for an alcoholic (mainly Glasgow).
Look at the jakie drinking off the pavement.
by pseudonym October 27, 2004

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the instigation of one wanting their wang to be sucked
hey u whore suck my wang!!!
by pseudonym March 15, 2005

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BNR34 stands for the type or version of a Nissan Skyline,a Japanese car known by mostly racers.The Nissan Skyline BNR34 is the 1999 version of the Skyline which was changed to its newer version, Nissan Skyline GT-R.
Damn dude did you know that a BNR34 is hella faster than a mustang
by pseudonym April 04, 2005

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