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When things seem like they're going up the swanny just remember this phrase and 99% of the time, it does sod all.
Person 1: "Oh god why can't I do this?!"
Person 2: "Ah come on mate, it'll be reyt

*Reyt can be stylised as Reet
by Proper Sheffield lad February 12, 2022
A classic Yorkshire phrase that can be used universally in the county to greet someone whatever time of day.
Bob: "Ey 'Up, Jim"
Jim: "Ey 'Up, Bob"
by Proper Sheffield lad July 30, 2021
Yorkshire slang for nothing, can be used in a variety of ways
You can do nowt,
Hear nowt,
Say nowt
Look at nowt
Shout at nowt

But you can always do owt as well as summat.
by Proper Sheffield lad July 30, 2021
A favourite among Sheffield folk alike and superior to Worcestershire sauce. Henderson's Relish is 'The spicy Yorkshire sauce' invented in 1885 by Henry Henderson and is made to a secret recipe that's still kept under lock and key and is still produced in Sheffield to this day.
Matt Helders, Arctic Monkeys

Splash it on pies, in stews, over chips, cheese on toast and more. Henderson’s Relish is approved by the Vegetarian Society as suitable for vegans, and is gluten free.

From www.hendersonsrelish.com

Henderson's Relish. (Here because of ud's stupid mods 😒)
by Proper Sheffield lad July 31, 2021
One of the Funniest scenes in television, this originates from the BBC Sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf the episode is S6E2 titled Legion and it goes like this;
Rimmer: Go to Blue Alert.
Lister: What for? There's no one to alert, we're all here.
Rimmer: I'd just feel more comfortable if we were all on our toes because everyone's aware it's a Blue Alert situation.
Lister: We all are on our toes!
Rimmer: May I remind you all of Space Corps Directive 34124?
Kryten: 34124. "No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity".
Rimmer: Damn you both, all the way to Hades! I want to go to Blue Alert!
Lister: Okay, okay.
He presses a button; a sign reading 'Alert' in blue lighting begins flashing pathetically in the corner of the cabin
Rimmer: Thank you. A bit of professionalism.
Rimmer: Step up to Red Alert!
Kryten: Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb.
by Proper Sheffield lad April 29, 2022
A common word in Yorkshire for glasses
"Gigs" is also commonly used in areas such as Sheffield and Barnsley
Jim: "I can't see the bleedin' thing"
Bob: "Put thy gebs on then. Tha knows thar as blind as a bat wi aart em"
by Proper Sheffield lad January 11, 2022
A phrase used in Yorkshire to show surprise or annoyance to a situation
"ee bah gum, he's made a reet mess"
by Proper Sheffield lad July 30, 2021