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Another phrase used in the same way as ee bah gum to show surprise or curiosity to something
"Ecky Thump, what's going on 'ere?"
by Proper Sheffield lad July 30, 2021
Common phrase in Yorkshire, means thank you.
*Getting off a bus, you always thank the driver.
No exception!*
Person *to the driver*: "Ta' Luv"
by Proper Sheffield lad October 28, 2021
A typical Yorkshire phrase used mostly when arguing with someone.
Bob: Gi' Ore, you're bloody daft you are"
Jim: "And you're a complete wazzock, I'll tell thee that f'nowt!"
by Proper Sheffield lad October 16, 2021
For my fellow Sheffielders this is a common phrase among those who like Henderson's Relish (let's face it if you don't like it, then you aren't a Sheffield lad or lass)
Bob: "passus bottle o'hendos will thy"
Jim' "Alreet, 'ere stick that on thy pie"
Bottle o' hendos = Bottle of Henderson's Relish
by Proper Sheffield lad July 31, 2021
A phrase commonly said in pubs in England when a customer or the person behind the bar drops a glass or a bottle, usually preceeded by a cheer by all who are in the pub
Come on, it's pretty obvious how you use it.
It literally says it above.

Sack the juggler
by Proper Sheffield lad April 25, 2022