A secret recipe no one is about to no about without a legacy. There are 3 people who know the secret recipe : Kanye West , Bran06, Philip06.
Bran06: mixing up that secret recipe
by JMS FANPAGE June 28, 2021
The best food a man makes when his woman is sick or hurt or he just loves them so much
Stephen pulled out his secret recipe potatoes and carrots and rushed across town to deliver them to Mandy and Cooper when she fell and got hurt after a hot shower.
by deef jung October 17, 2017
When either your boyfriend or Daddy makes cookies or any number of baked goods using his semen as a substitute for any ingredients. It may also just be added in.
Nathaniel: How did you make these cookies taste so good?
Shaun: It's daddy's secret recipe!
by titiesrule1111111 July 29, 2017
A secret recipe of scrambled eggs, that was originally only for select memebers of the vatican. (the same one refered to in the book/movie The Da Vinci Code in scene 34B where tom cooks eggs for his soon to be x wife and children)

tom sure knows how to cook those eggs. he must have used a recipe from the Secret Recipe of Scrambled Eggs Foundation!
by oli1703 December 28, 2009
No No No you cant have this
Secret Curry recipe is not to share
by IsOkMan999 August 25, 2022
-Filling someones ass full of sweet potatos.
-stomping there ass mashing the potatos.
-throwing them onto a table.
-then covering them in marshmellow fluff.
A man came up to me looking for a fight in my local produce section. I said he should turn around and walk away before i turned him into "grandma's secret recipe". He promptly ran away.
by Sexowl2.0 November 18, 2018