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slang for " Mother Fucker '
by Preston November 07, 2002

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Basicly an anime/asian style wink. Cuter version of the -_^ wink.
OMG, you are so cute! *kisses* ~_^
by Preston March 08, 2005

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A verbal mistake by George W. Bush, expressed to the losing candidate John Kerry over the telephone after the election.
George-"I am going to enjoy this ohio potato on my plate."

Kerry-"Isn't it idaho potato?"

George-(hangs up the phone)
by Preston November 17, 2004

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1. A player who detests Player versus Player (PvP) gaming and whines about how it ruins their gaming enjoyment.

2. A player who is killed or has a loss through theft and then complains about player harassment.

3. A player who focuses their gameplay strictly on crafting or other non-competitve activity.

4. A player who is afraid of getting ganked by other gaming players.

5. Players more concerned with "coloring" their houses, clothing, names, etc... than with playing against other people in a competitve gaming environment.

6. A player who ruined the PvP MMORPG industry by complaining so much that PvP MMORPG development is rare.
"I think everyone can agree that nerfing does no one any good, Except for the carebear that was bitching about getting killed by that class while fighting a mob."

"Call me a carebear, I don't care cos I'll just kill you..."

"This game will pwn and I can't wait to be the quasi carebear! I'm a sucker for crafting!"
by Preston November 05, 2004

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A suburb located south of Milwaukee, it is a place where people go to die.
In the twilight of your life, or when you are in your mid-teens people go to Cudahy to live in squalor and die.
by Preston January 19, 2005

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v.(proper) to self stimulate ones sexual genitalia v.(slang) go fuck yourself
When you get stuck for the tab in a nice resterant it is more polite to tell the cheapskate to masterbate and hope they understand the true intent behind the word rather than be blunt.
by Preston January 04, 2004

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Specific to the sound of one who is gagging on the male sexual organ.
She gergeled on my dong.
by Preston November 17, 2004

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