19 definition by Preston

A term used by Adolf Hitler and company pertaining to the nazification of Germany. (see Nazification)
We got'sta stop the swastification guys.
by Preston November 17, 2004

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A ghetto fabulous term for anything that is fancy, good, or outlandish.
This word is scribulous.
by Preston November 17, 2004

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A huge fight, involving five or more, chasing and bashing one person
The Preston boys had a huge ruckus with a lebo
by PRESTON October 19, 2003

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A blend of hardcore and metal music that evolved in the mid-to-late 90's ; usually out of context with the norm. With lyrical themes ranging from politics to personal.
Poison the Well, Otep, Slipknot, Unearth, Heaven Shall Burn, etc.
by Preston March 09, 2005

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a word of power and/or skill in many arts.....bitch!
"that guy's a fuckin xio!
by Preston October 02, 2004

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