The best vehicle ever to come from Chrysler corporation.
The best of these minivans were made before 1990, and were offered with a turbo-charged engine and 5 speed manual transmission.

These vehicles work better than any radar detector for evading police, as the cops can clock you, but just don't give a shit.
I just clocked that Dodge Caravan at 100 miles an hour! I better take this radar device in for repair.
by melinuxfool October 30, 2007
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Dodge caravan is what you have when you put one finger in the vagina and 4 fingers in the rear end.
" I gave that gal the dodge caravan!" Waddayah mean the dodge caravan?" Yah,you know, One up front and 4 in the rear!"
by Peteandbird July 22, 2021
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The van you drive that belongs to your mom because you can't afford your own car.
Person 1: You actually drive a Dodge Grand Caravan?
Person 2: Until I move out, get a job, and can afford my own car, yes.
by GodsDemonHunter August 6, 2008
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A once popular minivan, this minivan is now diminishing and dying due to Chrysler replacing it with the Chrysler Voyagers (CHRYSLER WAS ONCE A LUXURY BRAND). This was the offical car of Karen, her little shits, and fucking crumbs and stains everywhere. The discontinuation of this minivan now leaves Dodge as a performance brand now.
Hey, do you own a Dodge Grand Caravan?

Uh, yeah...

by SOMEONE SO QUIET January 19, 2020
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an awesome mini van drivin by cool ppl like gebhardts

hey wats that your driving - loser
a 1998 dodge grand caravan sport - gebhardt
by Raspberry Smirnoff June 21, 2008
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