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Traditionally, anything that is considered vile and non-kosher in the hebrew faith.
Contemporarily, something dirty and nasty you don't want around, much less want to consume or touch.
Traditional: Pork is traif and will not be served in this house!
Contemporary: Don't kiss her! That traif has been sucking homeless' c*ck!
by Pipistrello December 27, 2005

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epic stupidity to the fuck degree which is a gogolplex higher than the Nth degree. This word was first coined by SeanBedlam, an Aussie YouTube Philosopher and noted archivist of ridiculous shit. He helps us never forget.
It was chronic stupfuckdity that brought George W. Bush to the Presidency... twice.
by Pipistrello January 11, 2009

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Anything that is vehemently unwanted or unwelcome. Something to be avoided at all cost.
At an AA meeting, an open bar is as welcome as a wet fart in a wedding gown.
by Pipistrello December 25, 2005

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how you feel after your tummy ache is gone. The feeling that now you can take on the world and make up new words! First coined by Eli712 of YouTube fame.
I had a tummy ache last week, but NOW I'm inspensiberk!
by Pipistrello January 26, 2009

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an expletive yelled at a person who gave in and did something they were adamant they were NOT going to do under ANY circumstances. Coined by Ozzy Osbourne in the following:
Ozzy Osbourne: "I will NOT play Albuquerque next week Sharon! I can't do it! I've got too many shows already! I just won't do it!"
Next scene, Ozzy yelling into a mic: "Hello Albuquerque!"
Janice was adamant that she would not attend her brother's hockey game, yet there she is in the stands. Hello Albuquerque!!
by Pipistrello January 11, 2009

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a person who has reached the pinnacle of douchebaggery. Imagine a douche flowing with the force of an atomic fire hydrant. That, is a Thunder Douche. First coined by ShayCarl of YouTube fame. It should always be capitalized.
A man who throws a woman against a wall, saying "look what you made me do" and later "forgiving" her for it establishes him as a Thunder Douche of epic proportions.
by Pipistrello January 17, 2009

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so ridiculously and stereotypically out of control flamboyantly gay that heat sensor trip when they walk by.
His GayDHD is so severe, marshmallows toast in his presence.
by Pipistrello January 11, 2009

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