6 definitions by Phishn

(n.): A male penis which spirals along its length. Occasionally referred to as "Mister Twister".

(v.): The act of inserting a cork into an orifice usually reserved for one's penis. Often a measure of desperation when afflicted with limp dick See also bung.
(n.): girlfriend, this guy's unit was so curvy it looked like a curling ribbon on a birthday present!

(v.) Sometimes when Bob can't get it up I have to give myself a corkscrew.
by Phishn February 06, 2005
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The pesky last remnant of an otherwise successfully-clean turd, often smeared upon one's grundle when wiping. Sometimes referred to as a hole hanger
There must be some secret pact between turds and toilet paper -- I never seem to get a bungdangler unless the roll is nearly empty
by Phishn February 05, 2005
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The event of being struck upon one's elbow or knee causing sharp pain and often accompanied with a tingling funny bone sensation.
I totally shanked that rail and spracked my elbow
by Phishn February 06, 2005
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noun: The male penis--sp. one which has a pronounced lateral curvature or twist along its length. See also bender and corkscrew

verb: An act of intercourse which causes the primary a fit of uncotrollable laughter, often to the irritation of the recipient or observer.
noun: so anyway, Ted finally whipped out his funny bone and it just grossed me out

verb: I was nailing this skanky ho and introduced her to my good friend Dirty sanchez -- what a funny bone it was!
by Phishn February 06, 2005
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Goo} adhered to one's junk, often found upon the grundle or trapped between the nutsack and groin
After urinating, Bill found that he had smeared gunk on the front of his new black trousers.
by Phishn February 06, 2005
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Similar to a bungdangler but slightly larger with a higher likelihood of dropping on its own.
Almost always sucessfully pinched provided adequate rim control or a vigorous shake of the rear end.
..."after a tenuous moment of patience, this morning's hole hanger dropped safely into the great abyss"
by Phishn February 06, 2005
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