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knowledge acquired subconsciously; the transfer of information from a high concentration (what you know about) to a low concentration (what you don't know), leading to a sudden solution; knowing something without knowing how you know it
e.g.1: On hiring a car and getting horribly lost, it suddenly occurred to the captain of the ship: why can't I have satellite navigation in my car? He had just invented it by Osknowsis.

e.g.2: "Dude, how do you know all the lyrics to Piano Man?"
Osknowsis - I don't remember learning them!
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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knowledge under construction
all entries in the urban dictionary are guessedge until they make it into wikipedia, which is when they become 'knowledge'

guessedge is so much more exciting than knowledge because you're crossing into unknown territory in our thoughtmosphere

when your guessedge is believable, ordinary bullshit turns into professional bullshit and your crazy words and ideas make it into dictionaries and marketable products, thereby turning subjectivity into objectivity and bringing about new realities

all inventions, words and expressions started out as guessedge before they caught on and become acceptable knowledge e.g. 'e=mc2,' 'I think therefore I am', 'sliced bread', 'beer in a can'
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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an obsessive desire to participate in the latest groupon deal
I woke up with a raging groupon this morn - inbox filled with so many exciting deals, what to do?? apple mini speakers? anti-stress facial? love massage neck pillow? ooh the flotation pool treatment looks good, but then so does a Indian head neck & shoulder, or a photoshoot I could justify, somehow. Hey anyone know what the regular price of non invasive ultrasound liposuction is? How do I know $240 is a good deal?
by Peter Greenwall November 06, 2011

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cunnilingus and yoga combined - 'for the mind,spirit and tongue'
that ballet dancer has the most perfect yogalingus body

that gymnast is giving me so many new yogalingus ideas

our yoga teacher showed us 4 new positions perfect for yogalingus - frog pose, camel pose, boat pose and cobblers pose

try saying 'the myth of miss muffet' or 'noose noshing much mush' - it's like yogalingus for your tongue
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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the latest amusing distraction, usually arriving by a digital medium e.g. text, e-mail forward, facebook notification, youtube etc.

e.g. 1. brb, I have breaking muse - Mike just tagged me in his photo-album 'stoned on the beach'

e.g. 2. BREAKING MUSE!! check out this youtube vid (link goes here)

e.g. 3. John is addicted to breaking muse - he constantly checks his facebook

e.g. 4. BREAKING MUSE! - Lisa just texted to say she's not coming! YAY

by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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the collective atmosphere of thoughts surrounding the earth and emanating out into all dimensions

this credit crisis crap is really destroying our thoughtmosphere

urban dictionary is one of the best ways to discover new places in our thoughtmosphere
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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the taxonomy of mysteries; the practice of labeling confusion in order to make new conditions or weird phenomena feel understandable and normal
all entries in the urban dictionary come about through mystonomy

why do I feel the need to chase supermodels and buy sports cars even though I’m married with kids? via mystonomy, that becomes ‘mid-life crisis’ (source unknown)

why do I feel depressed? via mystonomy: ‘depression' (source unknown)

how is it that we don't fall off the planet? via mystonomy: 'gravity' by Isaac Newton

why am I utterly bored at work? via mystonomy: 'boreout' by Peter Werder

why does my penis shrink when it gets cold? via mystonomy: 'shrinkage' by Seinfeld

by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009

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