30 definitions by Peter Greenwall

the latest amusing distraction, usually arriving by a digital medium e.g. text, e-mail forward, facebook notification, youtube etc.

e.g. 1. brb, I have breaking muse - Mike just tagged me in his photo-album 'stoned on the beach'

e.g. 2. BREAKING MUSE!! check out this youtube vid (link goes here)

e.g. 3. John is addicted to breaking muse - he constantly checks his facebook

e.g. 4. BREAKING MUSE! - Lisa just texted to say she's not coming! YAY

by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009
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opposite of 'viral'; not gaining popularity; heading for complete and utter obscurity
my video on youtube has gone antiviral!! I uploaded "Songs That Nothing Ever Happened To" over 2 years ago and its been viewed 17 times :(
by Peter Greenwall November 14, 2011
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stuck where you are due to volcanic ash grounding all flights
excuse me, how long are we gonna be ashed in for?

impossible to say, the last time Eyjafjallajokull erupted it went on for 2 years. But I doubt you'll be ashed in for that long
by Peter Greenwall April 17, 2010
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an expensive date that leads nowhere
Leon: hey how did your date go with that girl you met on facebook?

Peter: Holy crap dude, complete date rip!! She gets nailed on 3 mojitos, orders the seafood platter, bitched about all her cheap friends, doesn't even offer to pay when the bill comes, and then when I take her home she blows me a kiss and says 'call me'.
by Peter Greenwall January 22, 2010
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the pitch reached by your girlfriend / wife's angry voice that automatically makes you stop listening
dude, what was your girlfriend saying about you leaving your underwear lying around, and the toilet seat up, and squeezing from the bottom of the toothpaste?

I don't know, I stopped listening after she reached her bitch pitch
by Peter Greenwall January 20, 2010
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the taxonomy of mysteries; the practice of labeling confusion in order to make new conditions or weird phenomena feel understandable and normal
all entries in the urban dictionary come about through mystonomy

why do I feel the need to chase supermodels and buy sports cars even though I’m married with kids? via mystonomy, that becomes ‘mid-life crisis’ (source unknown)

why do I feel depressed? via mystonomy: ‘depression' (source unknown)

how is it that we don't fall off the planet? via mystonomy: 'gravity' by Isaac Newton

why am I utterly bored at work? via mystonomy: 'boreout' by Peter Werder

why does my penis shrink when it gets cold? via mystonomy: 'shrinkage' by Seinfeld

by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009
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Pulling Ideas From Your Aspirations For FINancial Gain
- the act of wishing new words, products, tag-lines and songs into existence, and achieving financial success
PIFYAFFING examples:

e.g. 1. ‘I wish my crappy car was a sports car’ and VROOM! – ‘Pimp my Ride’ comes along

e.g. 2. ‘I wish there were biscuits that could help me digest food,’ and POOF! – we have digestive biscuits

e.g.3. 'I wish I was younger’ and YOUTH! – ‘40 is the new 20’ becomes an advertising catch-phrase.

e.g.4. ‘I wish I was free to follow my dreams and create the world I wanted’ and FREEDOM! – ‘Just do it’ becomes a tagline.

e.g.5. ‘I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair' - and INTERNET SENSATION! Sandi Thom is a hit!

e.g.6. I hope this entry into Urban Dictionary leads to PIFYAFFING
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009
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