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Wodonga is town situated on the murray river. It is opposite to the superior town of Albury. Wodonga is well known through out Australia and the world as been the most undesirable place to live in the world. Wodonga has seven social classes which include emo, goth, bum, satnist, homersexual, inbreed and bogan/yobo. In 1834 Albury was created but a large amount of unsavory people moved into the area so it was decided another town would be built on the other side of the river. This town was called Wodonga which is the aboringal word for "I like it up the ass". In June 1834 after 2 hours of construction Wodonga was created all it was a single barb wire around a 5square km. The river added as a wall as all these bogans where unable to swim. During the 1930's the people of Albury felt sorry for the people of Wodonga who are known as Wondongs so a bridge was built from Albury to supply aid for the Wondongs. A simple barb wire gate on the bridge kept the people of of Wodonga out. By 2006 a new freeway was built which diverted Wodonga this freeway was built after there was a spate of car jackings by the people of Wodonga.
An example of Wodonga is Kazahstan (the borat version) which is the closest thing to what Wodonga
by Peter Alexander May 26, 2008
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V Line is a shit train service in victoria, Australia. V-line is well known for been 5 hours or more late, over flowing dunnies and people throwing rocks at windows. Many people choose to take the bus or drive. V line is also very slow strugles to do 100kmh compared to Frances fast trains which does like 500kmh+
Person #1 "WTF it only takes 3 hours to get to Albury, where were you for the other 2 hours"

Person #2 "I was on V Line."

Person #1 "Oh sorry that explains alot"
by Peter Alexander May 28, 2008
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a so called celeribity from shows like Big Brother, only popular for the time the show is on, but when its over they are never heard off again
Robbo - "Hey wotever happened to Stacey from Big Bro??"

Johno - "Dude that was last season, she is a Z - Grade Celebrity
by Peter Alexander July 13, 2008
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The unoffical suburb name of Lavington, in Albury NSW Australia, The name is well known due to alot of unfriendly people living in Lavington
"Ok guys lock the doors we are about to drive through Stabington
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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Accronym for "What The Fuck Mate", basically the Australian version of WTF (What The Fuck)
Vanessa "Darling i fucked Nathan last night"

Robert "WTFM! You Fucked my dad WTFM!"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
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The term for a forigner, who has a unusual name typically asian or europeans, which is hard to pronounce for an aussie, so i substitute name is needed
Bob: Hey nice to meet you, im bob and you are?

Muganel: Im Muganel, good thx

Bob: Damn you need an aussie name like shazza or something
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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The accronym for "Have A Nice Day"
Jimmy "See ya Greg...HAND"

Greg "Hand?"

Jimmy "Have A Nice Day"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
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