a popular social card game which name variant includes shit on your neighbor.
Whilst playing oh hell, I shat on my neighbor by winning the game.
by Sudaman8878 May 28, 2010
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Absolutely unacceptable, mixed with outrage directed toward the question.
-"Would you ever go out with your ex again?"
-"Oh Hell No!!!"
by AtinMando February 5, 2009
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Definite no
Aqua'netta: is that bitch wearing my dress. oh hells no. i will fuck that bitch up.
by John March 10, 2003
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A word you say to something you don't want to do or something you think is wrong
Ben asked me if I wanted to go to the fair and I said, ”oh hell no
by Yeoep May 7, 2019
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According to Gabriel Iglesias, the sixth level of fatness. You're in an elevator. You see an example of this trundling towards you. You quickly run to the "close door" button, and yell "OH HELL NO!"
*Johnny and Mark are in an elevator, and someone really big is approaching*
Johnny: "Oh hai fat person!"
Mark: "OH HELL NO! *runs to button panel and shuts the doors*"
by Xterra1 December 11, 2012
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Complete and utter rejection of an idea.
Girl in slasher movie: "We should split up!"
Black guy: "Oh hell no!"
by Soviet Russia February 13, 2017
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Oh hell no -- An interjection that points out the user is outraged with something previously said or done.
BOY 1: So, I'm going to go to Rochelle's house.

BOY 2: {walking past, throwing a wadded sheet of paper at BOY 1's head} Faggot!

BOY 3: O.o Um. Are you going to take that from him?

BOY 2: You f**king faggot! I hope you die!!

BOY 1: It's cool... It happens every day.

BOY 3: Every day. You're kidding.

BOY 1: Nope.

BOY 3: Oh hell no. Imma go deal with that fool.
by xeirix August 18, 2011
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