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Has the potentially to be a decent ball team, but is more inconsistent than Sydney's rail system.

Often can be found in grand finals losing to teams that only have four players.

Known for its outrageous uniform and ability to turn the ball over on a 4 on 1 fast break, while still remaining true to the ways of Chris Dudley and not being able to make free throws at all.

But on the bright side, all players do indeed possess a phat pen15 for all the ladies and we know the ladies love it!
"three cheers for the phat penis"
by Petah November 15, 2004

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The projectile vomiting action that occurs as result of too many $3 spirits consumed during the two hour cheap drink period at Greenwood on a Thursday night, or what has happened to Badams on numerous occasions in my backyard after being punished by three, possibly four bottles of strongbow white, or if you are Dirty Dale what happens when you are sculling bourbon straight from the bottle, and than think you are in megadeth while wearing a vest, without a shirt on underneath and play some ridiculous air guitar, than blame your present state of complete inebriation on the bbq you ate earlier after yacking everywhere in my backyard.
"dude I don't remember anything about Thursday night. I think I went to Greenwood but I'm not sure. The only thing I remember is having phat bootrons out of the taxi and the driver trying to start a fight with me!"

"man I just had phat bootrons, so give me another beer"
by Petah November 15, 2004

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Hairstyle worn by ugly women in an attempt to identify to all, that they are either a dyke or a shemale and that all should stay away unless they are game enough to dare trying laying a hand on them.

Usually sought after by men of low standards or someone who feels that looks are "on the inside".
" Man, that skank Freijy man-handled on Thursday night was sporting a lovely mancut"
by Petah September 16, 2004

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Possibly related to the late ODB, however this guitar wielding, bourbon guzzling machine from the ghetto in Forestville is the only person I know who can be stopped by the police for looking like a homeless bum despite the fact he was going to university.

Small and hairy in appearance, can often be heard telling passers by "I know kung-fu" and enjoys relating every activity back to Judo.
"man have a look at that homeless guy!"
"dude thats not a bum, its Dale"

"man my house smells like an abattoir after Dale being here last night. I told him to have a shower but he said no. I'm not sure if its the bootrons or if he carries a skunk in his undies. Damn that's hateful"

"judo lift"
"judo chop"
by Petah November 15, 2004

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