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Flight attendants who sleep a minimum of 10 hours before telling people to stow their tray tables and fasten their seat belts. Has to have a burrito in the airport and can often be found in a crew room as long as there is one. Hates it when you push the "call button" on airlines and people who say "gimme a ginger ale".
I did a Nashville turn with a Badams yesterday. One of her passengers asked for a double whiskey during take-off. She was pissed because she only got 9 hours of sleep and left her Lean Cuisine and Cheez-Its on the other plane.
by DarnelFreeman June 15, 2010
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Badam (adj)- Used as an adjective placed after the described word, describing a situation where a person has become truely l33t in something or other.
After practicing for years, Amit has managed to become a real Unreal Badam
by Azazoth November 05, 2003
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