6 definitions by PaulWall

Annoyed and angered.

Drunk off your ass.
Fuck you, now I'm pissed.

I've been drinking all day, and I'm gettin a bit pissed. *thud*
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
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to get dunked on ferociously with reckless abandon by a beast-like player
tim duncan got damped on by erick dampier and went home crying to his mother.
by PaulWall March 6, 2006
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It originally used a Philly Blunt cigar with a mix of tobacco and weed, but now almost anything will pass for a blunt.
First take a blunt, cut it down the middle. Why do I smoke blunts, cause papers are to little. Fill it to capacity, lick em up and stick em up. Dry it with yo lighter then fire it up and take a puff.
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
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A damn good cigar. The smoke has a mild sweet flavor to it.
Pass me one of them swisher sweets
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
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Model of Cadillac, comes in Sedan or Coupe I believe. The 75 is the ultimate pimpsled
Check out the deville rollin twentys ova there.
by PaulWall July 27, 2003
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-I got us a couple fifths.
-Aite, what you got?
-Wild Turkey
-Ah shit, that's cheap. It will get you drunk though.
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
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