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An alternative pluralization of boxes. In 60-80s hacker lingo (when hacker ment something very different, btw), it originated from vax/vaxen (the, at the time, correct way to referr to two or more vax computers). Because of this unusual pluralization, it because common to use -en instead of -es or whatever else was correct for all words ending in x or with an x sound, such as soxen or socksen for more then one sock. Box was/is usually referring to a computer (pc, server, workstation, whatever).
Our server farm runs on 25 boxen.
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
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To hit someone with a fish, usually to the face. In real life(IRL), this is considered fairly extreme in most groups and not terribly common. In internet chat, especially IRC, it's a very common way to show mild disapproval/discust/boredom. It was included as a (the only?) default point-and-click action in mIRC (a popular Windows IRC client) further increasing it's popularity. The default action (changeable, randomizable, etc) when fish slap is selected is currently "X slaps Y around a bit with a large trout".

When discussing the practice, many people tend to bring up Monty Python's Fish Slapping Dance, a popular sketch from Monty Pythons's Flying Circus. Though certainly not the only fish slap in the media, it's most likely one of the most famous.
Calm down or I'll fish slap you!
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
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1. Having sex with more then one person at once, most usually a girl taking on two guys and even more specifically alternating between blowing one and the other.

2. In blackjack, to double your current bet at your turn, in return for which you get one more card and then no more. In what situations this is allowed and/or advicable varies somewhat depending on the casino, but if no card counting is done, it's usually a good move on all hands totaling 11 and some totaling 10.
Hey Sue, heard you doubled down last night.

11 to the dealers 6? Double down, no question.
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
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1. Have sexual intercourse with.
2. To hit, particularly hitting a person on the head.
3. During the hayday of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon games, text-only roleplay like adventure games played mostly over the net) a commonly said or done action as a sign of mild disapproval or for no particular reason. Polite convention require(d/s) the bonked individual respond by saying oif. Some believe not doing so will upset the bonk/oif balance in the universe, with great consequences. Not saying "oif" is somewhat akin to a ( without a ) or unmatched quotation mark. The practice is still somewhat alive on IRC and (to an even lesser degree) other means of net chat. It has, however, to a large degree been replaced by the fish slap.
I totally bonked her yesterday dude.
Shut up or I'll bonk you're head.
y bonks x. x says "oif!"
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
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1. To set off the tilt/motion detection device(s) in a pinball machine. Nudging the machine (within the limits of the detectors) in addition to using the flippers is a big part of the game (if you're any good), hence the sensitivity of the tilt sensors have quite a big impact on the game. Causing a tilt results (usually, but almost univerally) in the loss of the current ball and any bonus points built up during the current ball (these are otherwise awarded when the ball is lost). It has no effect on other players playing at the same time, and is hence considered perfectly socially acceptable. Causing a Slam Tilt (by hitting or attacking the door to the coin vault or other *very* violent behaivor towards the machine) immediatly ends the current game for you and anyone else currently playing and is hence considered very rude.

2. Gambling term (most common in poker) descibing an angry or "reeling" state of mind usually caused by a big or unluck loss. People playing on tilt play below their usual abillity and usually make larger and more aggressive bets to try to quickly recover their loss. In poker, this is very valueble to other players at the table, hence worth keeping track of and/or attempting to cause. People known to be prone to tilting are often taunted or generally aggrivated when they take a loss and then egged on when they do tilt in order to keep them in this state as long as possible.
This damn machine keeps tilting as soon as I touch it!

My stack was up to $250 but I lost $100 with a AA to a KQ and went on tilt. Before I knew it, it was all gone.
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
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