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A unix program that runs in the background of the system. Often signified with the -d suffix on the end of a program name.
by Parallax July 03, 2003
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Expressing agreement or conformity within a chav community. Also used as a comparitive phrase or additional word trailing the sentence.
innit bruv
good stuff innit
your mother innit

by Parallax July 03, 2003
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A usually cylindrical airtight metal container usually made of tin-coated iron, in which foods or beverages are preserved.
by Parallax May 26, 2003
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A stable alternative to Windows, used primarily on servers and workstations. A favorite of graphic artist, 3D animators, and programmers, as well as corporations that can't afford for their computers to crash. Runs programs such as Alias|Wavefront's Maya, SoftImage's XSI, Adobe Photoshop etc. extremely well, but has trouble running software designed solely for the Windows operating system such as games (duh). In other words, Linux is used mostly by professionals who need a stable platform to do work on, rather than for playing games.
I use Linux on my servers and workstations that are designed for Maya and Photoshop, and I use Windows on my gaming computers.
by Parallax May 26, 2003
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The area of skin between the scrotum and anus, or vagina and anus. See also "choad" and "gooch".
Mens scrooters are bigger than womens (usually).
by Parallax August 05, 2003
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Impossible to burn; not flammable.
If something says that it's inflammable, that means it's safe to keep around sparks and fire.
by Parallax June 18, 2003
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Shortened version of 'American Head Charge'. A rather inspiring band with interesting disharmonies. Known by few select connoisseurs of the metal genre, and used in colloquial terms amongs such factions.
AHC rocks.
by Parallax July 04, 2003
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