Box Office Bomb

Any movie that fails financially, big time, in box office receipts.
Investor's nightmare.
Loss of millions of dollars on appallingly acted or scripted movies.
Any thing with Pauly Shore in it. LOL
"Nicole Kidman's latest movie, Rabbit Hole, was a B.O.B." "$5 million in production costs, made less than $450 thousand in box office receipts.
by Frank.SLZ January 3, 2011
Big ‘Ol Bottom
In the gay community if someone wonders if you’re a BOB now you know.
You: I wonder if Joe is a B.O.B.?

Me: Of course he is, did u see the way he pivoted & projected his ASS toward that hot jogger on the lake front.
by Jonlul September 26, 2020
I am not doing so well the ladies, I think I am going to get me a B.O.B. soon.

There is no way that B.O.B. will be allowed on the Roller Coaster.
by Chuck D Pole September 23, 2012
B.O.B Short for battery operated boyfriend.

A ladies best friend when its all she can get or hers is away.
What ya doing tonight trace? Oh im having a night in with B.O.B.
by bob mc bob May 31, 2005
"Bombs Over Bahgdad" A song by Outkast on the Stankonia album. Perhaps a reference to American foreign policy.
Man, Stankonia is a great album, that track B.O.B. is jammin'!
by Krusty K October 31, 2003
"Battery Operated Boyfriend"
A term used to describe a vibrating dildo or other device used to pleasure a woman's self
See also E.D.
"He started the night but I think B.O.B. will end it for me."

"Ooo girl! I had a threesome last night with B.O.B. and E.D.!"
by PhoenixXx69 June 1, 2005
“Boy Of Bihar”- sexy beast from the Bihar state of India.
by Rajput007 May 5, 2020