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some crazy music if you dont like it we dont like you so fuck off
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
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soulfly!!!!! they are one of the best metal bands going, sepultura are awesome but they don't have the same spirit without max cavalera. however i still think sepultura are mosh kings!soulfly are brilliant, max has something briliant and unique going!! i personely prefer soulfly alot more!!
soulfy rock ass!
bumba! bumba!
eye for an eye, for an eye, for ane eye!
seek and strike! strike!
soulfly tribe!
roots! bloody roots!
by olly hall July 27, 2006
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a band with max cavalera in that rules!!!
Best Band around today!!!!!!!!
if anyone says any different they lie!
soulfly are amazin lazin double glazin
by chris the soulfly guy March 25, 2004
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A band that kind of is a mix between sepultura's roots sounds and chaos a.d. sounds. Sounds a bit like Korn in some songs, but in other songs, it's pure thrash!
Soulfly is basically what Sepultura would sound like today if Max Calvera hadn't left Sepultura.
by Freakin' Sweet! November 09, 2006
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A person who drains away all your energy and your will to live, or sucks the life and joy from a room. Just being around them makes you tired.

They thrive on spreading negativity.
"Whether they're clingy, needy, hyper, charming, boastful, self-absorbed, a drama queen, or constantly blaming others a soul fly will leave you feeling stressed out, possibly guilty but always utterly exhausted if you let them."
by Gina W May 14, 2008
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A metal band that are very hit and miss, one minute they'd be bringing down your neighbourhood with pure thrash then the next minute they'd be giving you a seizure with some half arsed hippy crap.
Sepultura = bad, Soufly = good.
by Wounded January 03, 2005
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Half assed pale imitation of what Sepultura now wishes they were. Max, please rejoin Sepultura and give the jungle beats a rest.
Soulfly sucks! Sepultura sucks with Greene!
by antipop February 12, 2004
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