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A short way to referring to a jockey strap. Something all boys had to wear in Jr. and Sr. high school during physical education class. It basically just held your “nuts” up against your body.
We always had to wear our jocks in physical education class. Nobody really understands why they are needed...
by Panchoman December 05, 2006

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Refers to a woman who is obsessed with a man's semen. She is the true delight of most men, at least in their dreams. Loves to have men shoot their wad all over their body. Normally, she also gives great blow jobs and totally slurps down a man's juices. This is also usually accompanied by the noise and sounds of her moaning and sucking...
My special lady is really a JizzBitch. She always makes sure that I am totally satisfied, even before she is satisfied. A lot of times we go at it for hours before we are both worn out and satiated.
by Panchoman December 01, 2006

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Sort of a dance in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is when a person, man or woman, goes on the dance floor, usually lays down but not always. Once in "position", they go freaking nuts and move around a lot, often flailing legs and arms in all directions. It often requires being very drunk to do it well.
One of my fraternity brothers was the absolute best at "gattoring”. He went total bonkers!
by Panchoman December 06, 2006

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The process of ejaculating when you have an orgasm. It is when you "blow"/spew forth your seamen from your "torch"/penis.
That lady is so beautiful. I can't even imagine what a blow torch with her would be like.
by Panchoman November 30, 2006

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One of the classiest, sharpest cars that Oldsmobile ever made. I had a Cutlass Supreme Brougham which came with the 350 rocket engine, a deluxe interior, and a half covered roof (I forgot what you call it). The 1977 was the last of the big versions. In 1978 they were downsized and lost all of their appeal and class.
The 1977 Cutlass was the last of the breed.
by Panchoman December 03, 2006

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Since a "woody” refers to a male erection, it is a term often used when one is referring to his own erection with a proud smile.
I really gave that girl THE WOOD last night. She could hardly control herself and really, really got into it with me.
by Panchoman December 06, 2006

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This is an acronym for "Super Pussy". It describes a woman who has the most beautiful vaginal area. It is every man's dream to have one of these during their lifetime.
Look over there, is that girl an SP or what? She is just so fine looking. I always love the kind of girl that when you look at her from the front, she has just a little bit of a gap between her upper thighs where her legs join her body. That look just makes you want to taste and slurp it up right now!
by Panchoman December 05, 2006

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