60 definitions by PYRO

1. Someone who loves making movies and loves making songs, but there's just one thing that he loves even more: Fighting 'round the world!

2. To lose your temper on the phone and throw the offending object at the face of the nearest person.
1. That Russell Crowe sure loves fightin'!

2. (sigh) John just got taken away by the police for pulling a Russell Crowe with his cell phone in the restaraunt.
by PYRO September 02, 2005
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A phrase used jokingly meaning to :

a) slap your ball bag against your leg

b) to slap someone with your ball bag
by PYRO June 16, 2004
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Weird and stupid way to say "sure". Derives it's orgin from the german word "schon" which literally means "already".

Scheeauunn is often used in southern parts of germany.

is frequently confused with "Scheuunnn" which means beautiful.
Man she's so horny! I can't wait to take her from behind!

- Scheeauunn!!
by PYRO August 09, 2004
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some twit who hates all forms of cheese including blue
he is confused all the time and his feet reak real bad
run!!!!!!!!!!!!! its that retchard riff bloke again we are all going to die
by PYRO November 04, 2004
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mr rouvas (sakis rouvas), a highly respectable greek singer, who, altho likes men, can virtually have any greek girl he wants, age 12 to 24.
sakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! i want your panties! the skirt as well!
by PYRO May 16, 2004
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shes a hoe that has no life and wont let me hav one, shes ways to protective and calls me a hoe, she only trust very few friends and thinks the other ones are criminals which they arint that fuckin hoe
Whoa shit man my moms way to protective
by PYRO October 11, 2004
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