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Exd is defined as followed....

A individual has lost their job.....

An individual has been fired from their job.....

An individual does not have a job anymore...

An individual that has been Exd has lost their job...
My friend got Exd today.....they got fired from thwir job... they were always late to work cause of that stupid game....
by PRETTY IN COPPER July 18, 2017
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A word said during a poker game implying you have a winning hand or to show another player their hand trumps someone else's

Kinda a bragging word used among friends at the poker table
Hey dude ur poker hand Trumps his cards because ur 4 of a kind is higher than his 4 of a kind
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 31, 2017
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Best poker hand...
I had the trumpa... so I won the poker hand
by PRETTY IN COPPER July 28, 2017
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right now
Call me back ..Trumpa...i mean it right now, hurry up, Trumpa,,call me back
by PRETTY IN COPPER July 27, 2017
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Stoners...are a group people who get high together.(we are not that group that gets so high we lie cheat kill and steal to get high if your doing any of that your a fuck up not a stoner)..stoners are seekers..we are on some kind of journey...and seeking others that understand us..we figure our motto let's get high and gain some knowledge from one another..we like to chill..and be accepted we are family..even if we only meet once..we have one common in common..
CREED..AN UNSPOKEN RULE..if at any point u were a stoner and you were in the family...,,YOU DO NOT POINT A FINGER AT YOUR STONER FAMILY MEMEBER. .Creed is the rule of the golden oath of the stoner family we do not throw another under a bus..if you knew that stoner 20 years ago or yesterday....even if you become enemies..it's the respect of the stoner family...no one of us is better than the other..
Stoner creed..is the unspoken oath (a wink wink)I will never tell your family your friends your kids none of ur private business i will never tell what i know about you not now not in 20 years no matter how much we change or dont even like each other ..we know we just needed each other during that moment in time...forever and ever keeping our mouths shut..unbreaking trust
Stoners creed an unspoken oath of silence forever and ever
by PRETTY IN COPPER February 5, 2017
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Stoners dictionary..2 words stoners use alot when sitting around saying things like "let's get that word in the stoners dictionary" or saying "I know that word is in the stoners dictionary" but for those of u who don't know what the stoners dictionary is...it's just slang for the urban dictionary
Hey girl knowledge is power just so you know them stoners when they were talking about the stoners dictionary they were referring to the urban dictionary.
by PRETTY IN COPPER February 8, 2017
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Love is the value u place on something or someone
Love is so valuable that it is Not to be threatened by anything or anyone including yourself.....it's not Love if it's not valuable and being protected
Love is that you value and protect with your all
I Love so many people and things..and I would protect and value all I do love...my kids,my dog ,chocalate,my freedoms and most of all myself and I will do everything within my means to protect the things I love...
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 31, 2017
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