fucking turd. usually used to describe someone who sucks.
Good god you fuckturd!
by swankpie April 28, 2004
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Someone who is a Fuckin Shit, worse than a Fucktard, because they do stupid stuff that hurts others and they know it and refuse to accept it
Blend of Fuck "You stupid Fuck" and Turd "You mate, are a Turd!" so someone who meets both criteria can be succinctly summed up in one word and one phrase... They are not worth the extra effort or energy expended in saying two

Why did you do that you Fuckturd, you just ran over my foot... No your foot was in the way, you saw me coming, its your fault for not moving...
by Kenny Kat January 9, 2012
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fucktard = fucking + retard

fuckturd = fucktard + turd
(fucking (shit)

basically, a fucking retard who is as dumb as a turd
most people who posted judgemental "definitions" about rap or posted racist ones are all fuckturds
by this website is ruined October 6, 2005
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an asshole that is so stupid they don't actually realize how much of a turd they actually are
Trump: So when can I nude the nuclear option
Voter: Stop being such a fuckturd
by imronc August 18, 2016
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What happens after anal sex
I was banging this chick in her ass, and when we got done she laid a fuckturd.
by Bumdumbidum December 26, 2008
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A general term of disgruntlement and angst.
"My computer has crashed again . .. Fuckturds!!"
by Jon_Adams2 February 20, 2012
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