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The notion that the earth is a living organism and that every action done on the earth affects it. Also name of greeak goddess of the earth.
If you believe in Gaia, most likely you recycle.
by PM November 04, 2003

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Positively characterized as qualities that are; strong, community building, utilitarian, practical. Negatively characterized as too aggresive, violent, uncaring.
I'd like to see the word masculine be used in good context for once
by PM November 04, 2003

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An insult used against IM "learning" bots.
IM Example: Upon directing a question at megahal, an IM bot...

<PM> megahal what do you know about Mags?

<MegaHAL> I have what i was him, i'd appreciate it. Do you have a growth on my brain that causes memory lapses. Could you tell me about mags.

<PM> megahal you should have something done about that growth on your brain

<MegaHAL> Me? I have a growth on your brain.
<PM> megahal the growth is on your brain, not mine you a$$b0t!
by PM June 23, 2004

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Abrasions, usually located about the face, resulting from contact with the zipper of another's pants. Often caused by one's impatience to give one's partner a "hummer."
Q: Hey, how did Lauren get those scratches on her face?

A: She says they're from her friend's cat, but I think they're zipper marks! Have you seen her new boyfriend? He's hot!
by pm December 04, 2003

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Rich Wanker. White Oversized male from a wealthy background. Often found in uniform - boat shoes (no socks); pink, yellow or light blue polo shirt with upturned collar, 3/4 cargos, reflective sunglasses and obligatory 5-oclock+ shadow.
Pictures found in Polo Ralph Loren Advertisements.

25 year old males from Syndey's north shore.
by PM March 23, 2005

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Anyone from a suburb in Sydney found to the West of the spit bridge.
The Sydney Suburb of 'Strathfield'.
by PM March 23, 2005

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German term used to describe homosexuals that like leather underwear with the spikes on the inside
Hello sweetie, meet my friend Micheal. (in a whispering voice -> He's an Uber Khan)
by PM May 07, 2003

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