10 definitions by PIGGYWISDOM

clone3469: math is hard!
clone6845: why arnt you clueless? thats why it stands for mental abuse to humans (M.A.T.H.)!!!!! duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by PIGGYWISDOM March 9, 2013
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nickname for a person named Iris or a person with SWAG
bob: hi iris
steve: hi 'ris
iris: hi bob and steve
SWAGie person: hi steve
by PIGGYWISDOM September 15, 2013
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used as an insult or threat. especially if you can't think of anything. sometimes is considered STRONG LANGUAGE.
that person who sits next to you: (steals eraser) ha! ha! ha!
you: give that back or i'll.......
that person who sits next to you: or you'll what?
you: quack you!
by PIGGYWISDOM March 15, 2013
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yet another one of those weird words that strange people use ALL THE TIME.
Me: pass the papers.
Strange person: jiggadigwagwa
Me: PASS the papers
Strange person: jiggadigwagwa!
Me: PASS the PAPERS!!!
strange person: JIGG-adigwagwa!!!!!!!
me: (very impatiently) PASS THE PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Strange person: JIGGADIGWAGWA!
Me: I SAID..........you know what? im not going to even try. gimme
Strange person: jiggadigwagwa...............
by PIGGYWISDOM March 11, 2013
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used to describe a person with an afro. usually VERY annoying and has SWAG. sings off tune.
Hum-Hum: la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa im soooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooolllllllll
by PIGGYWISDOM February 27, 2013
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where someone (like your friend) makes an evil laugh-sound that kinda creeps you out, and it's REALLY HARD to type on the computer.
YOU: hey {insert creepiest friend's name here}!!!!!
YOUR FRIEND: i farted!!!!!!!!!!! ::EVIL LAUGH::
YOU: um......OK? i think i'll slowly back off now, please don't attack me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (screams hysterically)
by PIGGYWISDOM March 9, 2013
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