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A statement which makes no sense on a literal level, but contains an accidental element of reasonability; dislodged logic.
(From real life)

Two bulimics are discussing their next binge.

B1: I can't be bothered cooking.

B2: Neither can I. Let's rent a pizza.

B1: Lol! That has a certain dislogic to it.
by Ozymoron January 11, 2010

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A woman's perineum. A sensitive area between the vagina and the anus that often needs to be cut, in an operation known as an episiotomy, to prevent it tearing during childbirth, and then stitched together again.
Vic Demised: An episiotomy is when the obstetrician makes a cut in the woman's perineum... more commonly known as the chinrest.
by Ozymoron October 02, 2009

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