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The favstepchicken on tiktok he’s holarious and he’s my fav make sure to follow him and ya he’s cool.
The favstepchicken on tiktok is my fav
by Oxford June 1, 2020
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A lame word used by a homosexual member at Genmay known as XiAkUmAiX.

XiAkUmAiX says s00t, because he like the cock.

by Oxford June 8, 2003
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A Cybill is someone who when saying the word, says it in a manner similar to that of Cybill Faulty.

A Cybill is definitely worse than a numpti.
Liana is a Cybill!
by Oxford December 2, 2003
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Last name of some cool punk rock kids,if someone says you are pulling a biddy, it means you dressing like these people.
you going to see wyllner's brother's band play tonight, they're called templeton and there website is www.templetonmusic.cjb.net
by Oxford April 2, 2003
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Similar to Nigel, loner, creedy describes a person without friends.
Creedy, where are your mates?
by Oxford March 22, 2003
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a person who doesn't belive in the holocaust.
that guy, he's Apollyon.
by Oxford February 25, 2003
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someone who acts like an idiot, one who never laughs out loud or and always says na and opens his/her eyes wide when he/she says it. One who lies about the origin of their musical equiptment.
Stupid biddy! (followed by a smack in the back of the persons head)
by Oxford April 2, 2003
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