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Leia when Vader blew up her planet cuz he was being a total d-bag and trying to rape her with his softball trophies. It sucks dude cuz her fake parents were on that planet and Jack Black needs to be better than that
by Ouagadougou May 8, 2019
from a town named after murdered tribal people. Plays frosbee by himself in the park. Watches birds to get excited. Likes the Milwuakee Sucks. Teaches history like he is having a birthday party. for himself. Young boy.
Mr. Alex plays frosbee on the weekends
by Ouagadougou May 10, 2019
Yogesh's new house that looks like IKEA was shut down by the county cuz it was gonna crush Ari's greenhouse and break his dad's metal sculptures. Guy building house is definitely hitting on my mom and he's gross cuz he's bald and small chode.
Ikea Jr. got shut down boi
by Ouagadougou May 8, 2019
Matt's alter ego. Eats sharks. Wants to be a salamander demoy. Lives far away from the homeland
Young Machew handed in his paper late.
by Ouagadougou May 2, 2019
That donkey who saved everyone from the evil douchebags. Lives on the whiteboard. Was slain by Meesto Blake maybe idk. I will avenge him
Donkey Xote is my boifriend when we build sandcastles.
by Ouagadougou May 8, 2019
ichthyology. believes dragons exist. teaches kids who are far superior
by Ouagadougou April 16, 2019
Aloo Baingan. Loves Tim the Chef. Teaches from the internet. Orders her food online. Allergic to nuts. Truck stuff. Dog smells loves to sniff my crotch.
Brian hit Miss Amber in the face with a snowball
by Ouagadougou April 29, 2019