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1)One of many genres that emerged in early 70s horror, mostly as a result of the Vietnam war. Specifically slasher films and zombie films, or any sub-genre of horror that uses extreme violence and explicit gore.
2)Also a fan of these genres
1)Tom Savini is most well known for his pioneering work in the early splatterpunk films

2)I watched Romero's trilogy this weekend like a good little splatterpunk
by Opopanax October 11, 2005
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AKa Lebensraum, the way a woman sharing your bed will invariably take all of the blankets and a good 2/3 of the mattress by morning.
Man, my back is killing me, Natalie's bedifast destiny's leaving me half off the bed.
by Opopanax July 22, 2005
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Commonly referred to as Nintendo Thumb, the numbness and sore thumb joints associated with a long gaming session.
I busted out Gauntlet last night, and now I've got a wicked case of Terbia.
by Opopanax June 25, 2005
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Any sort of fetish learned about, expanded upon, or performed on the internet.
Phew, that 30 hour Everquest marathon took a lot out of me, time to grab some cheetos and perform some webcest!
by Opopanax August 08, 2005
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Slang for what you are when you're high on acid
I'm all jacked up on acid!
by Opopanax August 01, 2004
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