14 definition by Olof Carmody

to piece together parts of a night that was initially categorized as a blackout. Usually followed by an epiphany
I remember being really hungry, really tired and really cold last night. But that doesn't explain why I'm now well fed, well rested and smell like shit. Wait a second! I'm starting to black in now. I was stumbling home and decided to fulfill all 3 needs in one shot so I hopped in a dumpster, covered myself in newspaper and ate a bunch of dumpster food.
I'm not an alcoholic because I didn't blackout, but I might actually be a bum
by Olof Carmody February 25, 2008

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a response given to thwart the continuance of a conversation due lack of interest, lack of substance, lack of agreement, etc. Not necessarily negitvely connotative, often used playfully. Used to replace "no", "not right now", "not really", "I don't wanna"
-Yo dude you wanna go to a karaoke bar tonight?

-Dude I was fuckin wasted but I'm pretty sure that chick I nailed last night wasn't that bad looking. Should I call her tonight to come hang out with us?

-I'm thinkin about growing a goatee. That would be pretty sweet. Right?
by Olof Carmody January 23, 2008

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1. a cell phone that you accidentally drop in the toilet. Occasionally the phone will still be functional after it's dried off or taken in to get repaired and the owner will say "fuck it" and continue to use it even though it's been in a smelly toilet. How do we know if the phone has been in a toilet? Your Facebook status states: Drunkidiot dropped her phone in the toilet :(
2. a cell phone that smells like shit for some other reason
- Yo dude I dropped my phone in the toilet and it still works!!! Use it to call your parents to tell them you're gay!
- Fuck you assfuck and get that smell phone away from me

- Why does my phone smell like shit?
- I don't know but shove that smell phone up your ass where it belongs
by Olof Carmody March 11, 2009

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a can of cheap and delicious Busch beer
Stupid Person: Yo dude pass me a Busch

Smart Person: Yeah but it's called a goldtop

Stupid Person: Goldtop?

Smart Person: Just look at the color of the top of the can

Stupid Person: Oh I get it. I'm sorry for not calling it by its proper name. So let me get a goldtop bro

Smart Person: No, get your own shithead
by Olof Carmody June 09, 2008

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Some thing or situation that sucks ass. Derives from Buffalo which is known for being an undesirable place to live or visit
Dude that bar was so buffle. Way too many dudes and the beers were like 8 bucks.

That kid is fuckin buffle. He never has any money and always steals other people's beers.

You can't come out tonight because you have court early tomorrow morning? What kind of buffle bullshit is that? Just show up there shitfaced and tell the judge to go fuck himself.
by Olof Carmody January 21, 2008

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an informal form of address for a man or woman. Substitutes words such as "dude", "man", "friend", "pal", etc.
Originated from a Turkish convenience store employee who would sell beer and cigarettes to underage kids and greet them with "wassup olo"
Wassup olo!

What's the deal olo.

Olo, let's pick up a busch light 30.

Smoke a bowlo, olo.
by Olof Carmody January 23, 2008

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Money. Derives from the word "bills" used to describe paper currency.
Just picked up some fresh williams from the bank.

Dude I can't go to a strip club tonight, I'm running low on williams.

My wallet is bursting with some serious williams.
by Olof Carmody January 28, 2008

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