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The speed at which all logical legislation and rulemaking occur. Speed which equates to the glaciers' advancement and receession in the last ice age.
The state legislature reacted to the need for funding the lifesaving project with glacial speed.
by hot east February 20, 2009
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cooler than cool, so cool it's frozen, icy (in a good way) *posotive connotation
That movie was so glacial, I could see it like 90 times
by evil conjoined penguins August 14, 2003
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Increbibly dim-witted, slow to an extreme. The light is on, but no one's home.
She watched the band with a glacial stare.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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Ejaculating on one's face, outside, whilst temperatures are below the freezing mark.
Dude we just banged in the snow and it ended with a sick glacial.
by Peterbilt_ July 02, 2016
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An absolute love for ice or a form of frost. Essentially the polar opposite of a Pyro (a real pyro, not the stupid idiots who claim to be because they like to light the campfire and make a big deal about it). It is an obsession and sometimes even a mental disease. Extreme actions are taken in order to acquire some form of chilling effect, and sometimes its even sexual or has a more pleasing feeling. Glacials often will intentionally try to get themselves as cold as possible just for the pure enjoyment of the chill that runs down their body. The feeling of touching ice or frost is an irresistible sensation. Any form of heat is practically torture to one and is avoided at just about any cost.
Boy 1: "what is that kid doing sitting in the snow with just a tee shirt? his house is like 2 blocks away"

Boy 2: "Maybe he's a glacial, he's burying his bare arms in the snow and looks like he's enjoying it"
by Splicel December 01, 2009
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A series of quick, overwhelming, and disturbing games that requires one to toss a fruit salad and then pour mangos onto the body of a super hot turnip.
I went to hell, and the devil made me participate in a challenging glacial!
by fatrancher March 29, 2003
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A Maori/Aboriginal female that is straight up with people, and supportive or other people. She loves being over protective of her family and friends. She worries about other people's happiness more than her own. In love with Chris Brown, and loves Rn B, Rap, Hip Hop. Always keen to party and get smashed. Always prepared to get into a fight or an argument. Has a real high sense of fashion, loves them branded clothes.
Damn, look it's Glacial.
by ownerofud October 16, 2018
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