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A game of basketball played where players call their own fouls.Usually played on a street court or park.
I'm going to Rucker Park to play some street ball.
by Oli August 26, 2003
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Ant fucker.
Dutch insult for someone who:
- Pays too much attention to details
- Is always ignored
- Has a little penis
by Oli September 4, 2003
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often mistaken for cousin of anand. Does a cool eye thing. Bit of a P I M P
Will probs beat up mark at some point. I think he hides swords and knives under his turban.
holy shit he gonna bust a sword outta that turban, watch out mark u big gay
by Oli December 3, 2004
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A very sweet name, commonly associated with funny and cute girls that are definately NOT fat. ;)
Marijana is VERy Funky.

Yippie Ippie!
by Oli October 13, 2003
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A word used in the event of a good idea which cannot be expressed immediately.
Habajeeba is to be used with exclaimation, such as:

HABAJEEBA!!! We could have pizza tonight!

It is, however, not limited to pizza.
by Oli July 8, 2004
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the figment of ur imagination that makes so many people kill themselves. great god u got there people.obviously brimmin with love. and u all no its just a phase. what the fuck happened to isis, anubis or zeus? they were real remember? at least, thousands of greeks romans and egyptians thort so. and all u 'adults' who indulge in this ignorance that i see wavin ur hands and cryin about wen i flick to the god channel to hav a good laff at, u make me sick. and then, u hav a good giggle at children for believin in santa. HA!. children hav got more evidnce of santa than u have of god. wen was the last time God put an Xbox in ur stockin?
martyr= because of my love for almighty God, i will kill myself and many others for the cause, cos thats wot ive been taught

Christian miles away watching the news= ill turn a blind eye to the fact that this is all cos of a non existant person, cos im ignorant like that. and im supposed to be a respectable member of society. i need help
by Oli May 26, 2004
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This is slang for a "lads' trip" away on the piss...kind of like a stag-do, but there's no need for anyone to get married. Any excuse will do....
Goin on a beano with the lads to Blackpool..got well tanked on last's years beano, and plan to do so again..
by Oli July 7, 2004
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