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This is slang for a "lads' trip" away on the piss...kind of like a stag-do, but there's no need for anyone to get married. Any excuse will do....
Goin on a beano with the lads to Blackpool..got well tanked on last's years beano, and plan to do so again..
by Oli July 07, 2004

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Ant fucker.
Dutch insult for someone who:
- Pays too much attention to details
- Is always ignored
- Has a little penis
by Oli September 04, 2003

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A very sweet name, commonly associated with funny and cute girls that are definately NOT fat. ;)
Marijana is VERy Funky.

Yippie Ippie!
by Oli October 13, 2003

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A game of basketball played where players call their own fouls.Usually played on a street court or park.
I'm going to Rucker Park to play some street ball.
by OLI August 26, 2003

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A girl so easy it would make playdoh look hard. Usually riddled with VD, often associated with butterface.
Hey man, check out that ghetto ass slut over there.

No way man, she's a slumcunt, I ain't goin no where near that ho
by Oli July 17, 2003

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A word used in the event of a good idea which cannot be expressed immediately.
Habajeeba is to be used with exclaimation, such as:

HABAJEEBA!!! We could have pizza tonight!

It is, however, not limited to pizza.
by oli July 08, 2004

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To expell wind from your buttocks while your girlfriend is performing oral sex on you, thus causing her to be disgusted and remove her lips from your member and never touch it again.
Self Explanatory I should say.
by oli July 08, 2004

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