Signature song of rock band Journey, possibly one of the greatest songs ever written and one of those songs that almost everyone knows and loves.
1:Dude, did you hear jim doesn't know the lyrics to don't stop believin?
2:Thats that song by Boston Right?
1:Dude, seriously?
by runawayscott February 28, 2008
A 80's song that was alright until those Glee kids made it obnoxious.
Annoying Teenage Girl: My favourite song ever is "Don't stop believin'" by Glee!
Me: *facepalm*
by AnybodyOutThere November 28, 2013
Awful song written by awful band Journey.
Made popular by Family Guy.
Now covered by thick twats doing karaoke, appearing on X-Factor, and school musicals.
Considered to be the best song ever, by thick twats - only because Family Guy made it famous.
What's your favourite song?
Don't Stop Believin'
Who wrote that?
... I don't know.
by smiek October 17, 2010