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Proof that the music industry is going downhill and has been for a long time. The idea that someone could get a record deal just because they look and sing funny is despicable.
It's fucking music, not your fucked up face.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 10, 2005
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The only original member of Guns N' Roses not to have a definition. (Before you say Izzy Stradlin, look up "Izzy").
Though he was a shit drummer (Never had a drumming lesson, didn't own an actual drumkit till he was 18), he still deserves some recognition
by Oh Shit I'm Dead February 20, 2005
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Someoen who, rather than attack the merits of your argument will bring up completely irrelevant shit, like how you mispronounced a word or, in the case of the internet, typed a word wrong.
Person 1: That makes absolutely no fjcking sense!
Person 2 (Nitpick): Oh, I'm so sorry that didnt make any *fjcking* sense. Jesus, anyone who types the word fucking wrong must be an idiot. I win the argument.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead April 3, 2005
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I don't get it. What's so punk about them. Where's the rebellion. All I see is a lead singer singing in a whiney nasal voice.
If only there were some letter in the english language to represent a whiney sound.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 10, 2005
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Someone who will step into a joke and ruin it with their excessive use of logic.
Person: I knocked that bitch out with my balls!
Logic Whore: Bullshit! As if you're balls are large or hard enough to do that.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead October 29, 2004
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A thing which, even if it were desirable, would be impossible. There will always be a group of people who are willing to organise themselves and fight for government. They will either kick our asses into submission to a worse from of government, or we will have to organise ourselves, and fight back, meaning that when the conflict is over we'll be left with a government which we'll probably end up keeping by choice, or they'll decide they like having power an force us into it.
Government is no different to anarchy, because government is, in rrality, just a group of people imposing their will on us, so any type of organisation will evolve into a government.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead October 21, 2004
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The more subtle gender
I'm a guy which means I prefer to kick ass/get my ass kicked.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 25, 2005
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