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One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.
I was raised Mormon, but now I am the biggest apostate in the state of Utah.
by Odin March 27, 2005
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The act of a high school male going up to another high school male and grabbing their nuts as hard as they can and yelling "honku!" Very painful on the recieving end.
All those faggot cowboys ever do is fuck sheep and have honku wars.
by Odin July 11, 2003
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Griffinfuhrer City, message board of legend. It's existence is questioned. It's location ever changing. It's members -- heroes.

Atlantis of the internet.
Carter seen the light and came to GFC.
by Odin January 2, 2005
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This takes some effort. First you piss in a toilet then dip your dick in it then finally stick it in a chicks arsehole.
Man I'll never do the Golden Carrot that's fucking sick, the guy who created is fucked up in the head.
by Odin September 24, 2004
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Not to be confused with Valhalla. This is where you piss in a chick's asshole while fucking her.
Dude I am gonna give That bitch's arse the ultimate Golden Hall.
by Odin September 24, 2004
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