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pictures emo kids take. that must be either
how to
1.look either up or to the side. NEVER look directly at the camera
2.no smiling is allowed under any circumstances
3.usually the person takes their picture themselves.
4.from the upper right or left hand corner where you can barely see your face.
5.get a side part and have it cover half you face.
6.you can also try mirror pictures of yourself holding the camera. those work too. Be sure to look like you are completly depressed.
did you see toms new pictures. they are so emo, what a fag. I'll never take emo pictures, I'm wayyyy too hardcore.
by owned June 01, 2004

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Anyone in a submissive position in a BDSM relationship, not just homosexuals.
I'm a bottom, because i like to be spanked and told what to do.
by owned April 17, 2005

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A person who is in control in a BDSM relationship.
I could never be a top, because i like to be spanked.
by owned April 17, 2005

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one that can not type correctly whilst maintaining a steady speed.
sadi, waht, teh, oen
by owned January 29, 2004

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all the cool scene kids spell LJ, el jay. Its a way of refering to livejournal. an online journal where you complain about your life and post a million picture from the top right angle.
d00d did you check out my new el jay layout, its totally the sex, check it out and tell me what you think
by owned June 01, 2004

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To take it in the butt
DeMoN likes to rolor
by Owned April 07, 2005

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a daredevil is a very sly creature, has the ability to hide his ulteria motives by acting like a friend to snake around other mens women, very slippery and very slimy, probably not something you would want to touch
rix is a good example
by owned July 13, 2004

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