17 definitions by ORIGINATEDGENIO

When you lick out a girl's twat and before she orgasms her legs start twitching , jerking around.
I was licking out lisa's twat last night and I got her sturking like crazy.
by ORIGINATEDGENIO April 23, 2017
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To lift your girl's attitude up by giving her the pipe to make her feel much better.
I gave Laicee the Pipe yesterday because she was feeling down so I enlifted her.
by ORIGINATEDGENIO April 21, 2017
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Another way of saying 69.
Me and my wife had mutual oral sex last night and it was really good.
by ORIGINATEDGENIO June 18, 2017
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1. Reaching up to the top of achievement.

2. Working hard in order to achieve.
james: hey kendall how are you doing?

kendall: good!
james: how are your grades going man!
kendall: oh i'm just toking up trying to get it together.
by ORIGINATEDGENIO September 26, 2016
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When you have just been roasted or exposed that you don't say anything out of your mouth for the rest of your day.
Damn I roasted tyler yesterday so bad that he was tight lipped for the rest of the day.
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When you are totally terrified of what's about to happen to you.
When I pulled out this pistol that nigga looked hella frightened.
by ORIGINATEDGENIO April 24, 2017
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