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A Sweet smart girl who everyone likes. Usually tall and athletic. Likes all the boys but is not a hoe or slut. She's Strong and is not afraid of a fight if she believes in a cause.
Boy 1: dam is that laicee?
Boy 2: ya, she's sexy as a fox!
Boy 1: she's rocking that crop top!

Girl 1: I wish I was her.
Girl 2:who laicee?
Girl 3: ya, she can get anyone!

Laicee: hey boys.
Boy 1: dam mommy!
Boy 2: you got it going on girl!
Boy 3: let me get with that body!
by Volleyball lover 4 January 21, 2017
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She’s strong and smart. All the boy want her and all the girls want to be her. Although she’s popular she doesn’t know it and is very humble. She keeps a close group of friends but is nice to everyone. She gives second chances but don’t waste it or she will block you out. She doesn’t go looking for love but she finds it. She appears structured but she has feelings too, so don’t be mean otherwise her many friends will come after you.
“Hey have you seen Laicee today!”
“Yeah that sweater totally fits her!”

“Hey Laicee can I talk to you about my problems”

“Of course, I won’t judge
by Volleyball lover 4 January 21, 2018
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