70 definitions by Not Zane

Something that lures the potential movie goer into great riches and beauty, and then transforms into a horrible creature and kills them. Instantly. This is a siren that must be avoided.
Hey dude, I think this movie sucks---- OH MY DANG, I THINK THE MOVIE IS TURNING INTO A ---- NOOOOOOO.
by Not Zane September 28, 2004
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Something gone so horribly wrong in television, people need to stop watching this stuff. Showcases a bunch of whiny idiots causing constant drama and strife among each other. Very rarely has that one guy who "gets it" and doesnt really talk throughout the whole show.
Rare reality television shows that I actually ever liked:

The surreal life.

Thats about it. Stop watching MTV.
by Not Zane September 04, 2004
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Music that has no quality, basically.
I was going down the street, without a care on my mind. All up in my own design... Again this song I just made up, will hit the top of the charts in 3 days. You'll see.
by Not Zane September 18, 2004
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An absolutely hilarious action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a ramboesque hero.
In this movie, Arnie is quite proficient in handling firearms, as indicated by his ability to fire an m60 in one arm, and his ability to fire two assault rifles in both arms with seemingly perfect accuracy. Its should be noted that Arnold also has the infinate ammo as well. Take consideration that grenades are especially noteworthy, as they seem to explode on impact, and take about 3-6 guys out with them each time.

Another noteworthy task is that Arnold takes out the entire Cuban army, without even so much as a scratch, well you know the kind of scratch that doesnt need a bandaid. At the end of this movie, he breaks a 6 foot pole off of a wall that just happend to be there, and he launched the aforementioned pole across 200 feet and nailed a guy in the chest with it, killing him instantly.

This is a movie for nights when you need a good action movie, accept no substitutes. Except rambo
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
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A place where one gets ripped off.
"Yo homie, I just bizzought this sword right here for 300 dollars. Let me just unsheathe it out of the scabbard--- why is it falling apart?"
by Not Zane September 17, 2004
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Whenever you deliver a witty remark to someone, and completely burn them, you say "Your move, sir/ma'am"
Some dude: Your mama is so stupid, when she threw a rock at the ground, she missed! Your move, dude.

Some OTHER dude: CHECKMATE sir!
by Not Zane August 03, 2004
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When people says or do something outdated (Such as putting an L on their forehead and saying you go girl/guy, ugh I hate that phrase) you can say, "Hows the weather 7 years ago"
Some pompous chick: "You go boyfriend!"
You: Hows the weather 7 years ago?
Some pompous chick: ....YOU SUCK

Some pompous chick just got her ego curb stomped, Steven Segall style.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
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