9 definitions by Norbert Colon

1. wanker
2. one who deceives herself
That John Howard is such a fucking rodwalloper.
by Norbert Colon April 7, 2005
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Yet another fishy sounding name for a lady's axe wound.
Although not as fresh as he would have liked Jim ventured into the sushi cave tongue first.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005
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Soapy Tit Wank.
The act of having oneself wanked off between a lady's breasts. There are two versions "North" and "South". The view for the lady is rather poor in the South version.
Lady Guinevere told King Arthur, you shall get your soapy tit wank good Sir, but Southwards, I don't want skid marks on mine stomach.
by Norbert Colon October 21, 2004
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A funny little bike-car thing for one person. Has an electric engine and you can also peddle it.
The name comes from TWAT and BIKE, because the only people who will have one are twats.
Look at the twat with the twike.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005
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1. A situation note entirely going the desired way.

2. Of something which is totally useless.
As the chief engineer watched the new bridge come crashing down on its first opening plunging 100 cars and occupents into the river below, he was heard to comment "This is turning into a pile of stale monkey wank"
by Norbert Colon October 15, 2004
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Term used by ignorent student men thinking that this is the last week to pull a girl before she has her period.
The student president replied quickly to the complaint from the women's representative that the tampon machine was out of order "what does it matter, it's only the third week of term?".
by Norbert Colon August 16, 2005
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You're doing your lady doggy style and just before coming you take your dick out to come on her back. You actually spit a large amount of saliva on her back instead. As she turns round to inspect the glory you come into her face. She'll have no idea how you did it.
My girlfriend was so impressed with the houdini she was not annoyed at all with the pearl earings and necklace she was now wearing.
by Norbert Colon September 2, 2005
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