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a loose woman; often used as the first in a progression of gradually worsening insults, including crackhead, slut, biatch, whore, cunt, and others.
"Uhh... cunt!"
"Oo, er, you win."
by noname December 01, 2004

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Used to describe a prospective student to a college or university. Used extensively in Rice University.
That prospie is so hot...I've gotta get her email before she's done visiting this school.
by noname February 28, 2005

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(adjective) really, extremely, very
I am rly bored.
by NoName April 12, 2004

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An incredibly slow, expensive spyware adding, CPU killing piece of shit piece of software. It acts like a virus in that it has several processes that restart each other when you manually try to remove them, it sticks itself to your registry making it nearly impossible to fully remove it. The message boards and AIM users are 99% fucktards. when you uninstall it, it leaves more spyware and adware. The "so called" top of the line spam filter only blocks the email you want, not the actual spam that will ALWAYS get through. While this piece of shitware does have a better looking, that fails to make up for the fact that AOL blows. If you are on AOL, change now. ANYTHING out there is better. I guarantee it. Even the biggest internet noobs shoulnt use AOL, because it kills your computer. And if you do decide to leave, they will ty to give you useless offers and dotn take no for an answer.
people who use AOL just got thier comp owned
AOL and all who made it should go fuck themselves.
"Oh look, another AOL cd, i guess i have another coaster"
by noname May 05, 2005

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he plays guitar, and stop with this
"he's so hot" bullshit, fuck the radio has ruined a beautiful artistic band and now retarded girls are drooling over internet pics or daron while headbanging to aerials
daron is an energetic, intense musician devoted to his band and i respect him greatly
by noname August 16, 2004

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stands for America On the Line
worst ISP ever existed, they wanna know all ur privacy
OMFG, u use AOL?, u stupid dumb fuck!
a nub ISP
by noname December 25, 2004

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indie band from scotland
Did you hear The Red Thread by Arab Strap???
by noname March 24, 2005

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