188 definition by Nicole

a butt brain is a person that has shit for brains.
Jimmy is such a butt brain.
by nicole March 08, 2004

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B.E.T. stands for Black Entertainment Television

A network channel targeted towards African Americans with news, sports, music and movies... etc.
I watch B.E.T. everyday
by Nicole August 16, 2003

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-something disgusting, including a person, place, or subject
-referring to any thing
*after seeing puke on the floor*
What is this shit-ass shit?

That kid's a stupid shit-ass shit
by nicole October 04, 2005

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1: Someone who u consider a best friend
Let's hang out Me ho!
by nicole January 22, 2004

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That's bad or "Oh that's too bad." Something along those lines.
I lost my keys.
"That's beat"
by Nicole May 11, 2004

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-a phrase to say when frustrated
-another way of saying son of a bitch
Mom: Timmy, you have to do chores now.
Timmy: Son of a crap...
by Nicole February 16, 2004

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The sweat that drips off your balls when you're caught fucking your cousin!
Last night I had some major relative humidity!
by Nicole December 13, 2003

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