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That shit word that you say when you don't want to acknowledge, e.g., a literal brother from another mother or sister from another mister as your sibling, since you share only one parent.
(Person) One: "Shit...."
(Person) Two: "What?"
One: "'In re the matter regarding the estate of Mr. Jabinszningjer, upon the contention of Edwin Jabinszningjer in re the inheritance of his half siblings Edwina and Mavina Jabinszningjer....'"
Two: "*Snerk*"
One: "What?"
Two: "'Ya-bin-shning-yer'? Who would even want a name like that?!"
One: "Anyway...."
Two: "With a name like that, I wouldn't even want to acknowledge myself as a sibling of Edwin, anyway."
One: "We don't even know these people. I'm just reading about the probate hearing in the newspaper."
by NickidewbearTwo June 3, 2019
When a voice is altered to make it sound like those of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
"Yo! Check this out—this guy chipmunked it up!"

fuckenthingsucks chipmunked Bill O'Reilly's notorious "We'll Do It Live" rant on YouTube.
by NickidewbearTwo June 10, 2017
Having received or given an injury a la the career-ending injury that Joe Theismann received.
Person 1: Did you see that?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Allen Hurns was Theismanned!

Person 2: 😧
Person 3: Who Theismanned him?
Person 1: I don't know. I just saw the clip.
by NickidewbearTwo January 6, 2019
Where to begin? In short, an aspiring Neo Hitler whom stole the 2016 United States Presidential Elections with the help of Vladimir Putin and may quickly become 2017's Richard Nixon. In a little more detail: the notorious Donald Trump whom is infamously racist, ethnocentric, sexist, Anti Semitic, ableist, classist, xenophobic, and all other manner of bigoted; known for victimizing, among others, Ivana Trump, Julia Ioffe, Serge Kovaleski, the family of Seth Rich, and Khizr and Khazala Khan, directly and through immediate accomplices as well as sycophants and lackeys.

Also, rapist (e.g., raped Ivana during marriage) and otherwise criminal (e.g., blackmailed Ivana into changing her story), and incestuous (especially toward Ivanka, as an incident at RNC in Cleveland alone demonstrated) and otherwise perverted (e.g., would inappropriately leer as Miss USA contestants)

Note: RINO and Neo Tammany Hall Democrat whom is actively opposed by the #NeverTrump Movement.
By the way, in case nobody has figured the following out: Trump's motto is, "You scratch my back, and I won't stab you in yours." In other words, for example, Putin is Trump's (and Trump is not Putin's) sycophant and lackey. Perhaps Trump would be less dangerous were he actually Putin's lackey, and the United States Congress needs to impeach Trump & remove Trump from office ASAP.
by NickidewbearTwo May 27, 2017
Yiddish form of "Glück"; "luck", "fortune", "mazel."
As a surname, "Glick" may indicate that one is descended from Glickel (Glückel) of Hameln, a badass woman (and a badass Jew) of her day!
by NickidewbearTwo July 22, 2017
An Anti Semitic term that actually comes from the Yiddish word "maken, or "plague", it actually was a term coined as a intraracist term that Western Ashkenazi Jews used against Eastern Ashkenazi Jews.
"So, 'mocky' has essentially the same origins as 'sheeny'."
"Sort of, except for that 'sheeny' was a sarcastic use of 'sheine', as in 'sheine Yid' now becoming 'sheeny Yid'."
"'Mocky' was just an outright way of intraracistly calling other Jews 'plagues'.
"Wow! And here, the lantzmen are supposed to stick together."
"Have we ever really stuck together? We're in the Diaspora for God's sake."
"Literally! 😆"
by NickidewbearTwo March 30, 2019